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My name is Andrew Maurer

I am a Sr. Web Developer
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Andrew Maurer (maurerdotme)


I spend most of my time writing JavaScript. Either on the client or in Node.js. I trade performance for readability, simplicity above complexity and convention over configuration.

JavaScript 95%

ColdFusion 90%

Node.js 83%

Backbone.js 71%

Bootstrap 69%

HTML5 60%

Css 50%

SQL 50%


While I do code a lot in my personal time, I have other hobbies that keep me busy. First is my dog Tobi. He is a 19 month old, 13 lb. Italian Greyhound that is full of energy and friends with everyone he meets.

I recently earned my pilot license that took a lot of hard work and time to get. It isn't something that I can ever stop studying which is much like programming. Something that is always changing and that you need to keep your skills sharp in. My adventures can be found here.

Other things that I've done in the past are photography, scuba-diving (sorry no photos) and collecting old books.


Advanced ColdFusion 8
Comptia A+
Comptia Network+
Cypress College - Network Administration
Cypress College - Network Security
Cypress College - Cisco CCNA Certification (Inc.)